All under one roof from concept design to execution and management, we have a proven record of delivering quality live services to various clients ranging from corporate to commercial brands, having an in house joinery unit with a team of carpenters, painters, electricians and project managers, taking care of your needs in regards to:

  • Custom built booths
  • Pavilion
  • POS
  • Interiors
  • Mall Kiosk
  • Digital Printing
  • Hostesses
  • Signage

Much as its name implies, exhibitions are an opportunity for any company to display what they’ve been upto, whether it be a new discovery, an invention, or simply the skills of the organisation as a whole. The manner in which these are portrayed is of course entirely dependent on the nature of the exhibition, but the bottom line is that exhibitions are a great way to amass a large group of people under one roof to promote your company’s latest achievements. In other words, they’re a platform for your company to shine and showcase its best.

This in turn means that exhibitions are a fantastic means of networking, building contacts and relationships, and promoting your company as a whole. They also provide opportunities for you to interact with qualified leads face-to-face, allowing you to augment and develop your customer base. So long as the exhibition caters to a purpose and has a very specific target in mind, attracting attendees isn’t very complicated. Those who’re interested and to whom the exhibition poses a personal attraction, will undoubtedly be present. Exhibitions are also known for being far more efficient and effective in terms of driving sales, as opposed to alternate channels used for the same purpose.

On that note, it goes without saying that exhibitions therefore need to be planned flawlessly, and also fall under event management so to speak. And just like any other event, it needs to be executed carefully, with possible roadblocks and challenges addressed and solved. Additionally, an exhibition must have a purpose, so it fulfils your aims as closely and as much as possible. In order for this to happen successfully, it’s essential that we work one-on-one with our clients so we understand each other, and are on the same page. One of the main areas we focus on whilst planning, is identifying all your aims, so we can then tailor the exhibition accordingly.

Fortunately, Ok Middle-East is armed with all the tools and know-how required for a successful and hassle-free exhibition. From conceptualisation to complete execution and focused management, our services are designed to help clients achieve the highest possible outcomes. With a reliable, dependable team of painters, carpenters, electricians and more backing us up, we’re able to confidently offer you unparalleled facilities, including custom built booths, pavilions, digital printing and signage to name a few. Our exhibition services are second-to-none, and are highly personalised for your own advantage. We make sure to sit with our clients and have a thorough and in-depth discussion before launching on our plans, and are equally resilient with continuous follow-upsso we’re able to carry the project out as efficiently as possible.

Our team is also focused on always crafting the most unique and novel concepts, so our clients also have an upper hand in terms of originality which is key to sparking interest. We tackle problems with positivity and a commitment to succeed, allowing us to push through a multitude of challenges that have tested and honed our skills to bring us here today. Ok Middle-East guarantees absolute peace of mind with our exhibition management services.

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Exhibitions provide an opportunity for your company to display what you have been doing and what you plan to do in the future, as well. It showcases the growth and the skills of the company as a whole. However, putting together an exhibition can be challenging. An exhibition requires booths, interiors, digital printing and signage to name just a few. It also has to be the best version of your company when you put it on public display for all to see. An exhibition is a good time to attract potential investors, clients and the general public. However, it has to be of the highest standard if it is to make any impact.

And this is where we come in. With our in-depth knowledge and skill of putting together an exhibition, our exhibition setup company will ensure an efficient and effective booth in terms of driving sales. Needlessly to say, an exhibition should be flawless and in most instances companies do not have the time, resources or expertise in going it alone.
We at OK Middle East know how to make your exhibition a standout. We have the tools, techniques and experience of designing a hassle-free and successful exhibition. We ensure it is customized and tailored according to your specific requirements and goals.

We have an unmatched team of skilled and experienced people that include painters, electricians and carpenters backing us up. Our services are highly personalized, unique and novel. We team with our clients to get the best possible ideas and put it together. We are there from beginning to end and our clients can rest assured that we will take over the complete responsibility and provide the best exhibition setup service of making your exhibition original, unique and absolutely impactful.