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Honoring A Promotion At Work In Style

Honoring A Promotion At Work In Style

Sometimes we are handed responsibilities which stretch away from our normal load of work and could extent to hosting office parties and gatherings. While this may be quite the tiresome and difficult process for someone who has never hostess a party of a professional standard before, it is advisable for you to seek professional help and guidance from an event management company in Dubai.

Firstly, it is essential to recognize for what reason the party is being hosted as this will allow you to identify the guests who are likely to grace the occasion with their presence. For example, if a colleague is being honored for their promotion, depending on the promotion, it is likely that all the higher level executives and directors are likely to be present. Thus your event planner will then focus on the important factors such as the menu, the venue and the overall ambience that needs to be set in order to make your event simply chic and extravagant.

Your planner will start by getting a guest list from you and assessing as to if your place of work is large enough to accommodate all the guests for a gathering and if it is unable in doing so, lockdown a venue which is appropriate for such corporate functions. The planner will then look to a menu which is close to a cocktail menu as these gatherings are usually ones which aren’t overly formal and yet a great place for colleagues to bond over finger food and drinks.

For the choice of music, you could always pick out the song list along with your event planner or you could get your planner to hire a professional DJ or even a brass band to play soft classical music to give the event a more formal air. If you’re looking to have a dimly lit setting or go with a specific color theme for the lights, you could also get your event planner to provide you with the lighting facility as event planners usually have a lighting technician with them in their crew and this would also be cost effective for you as you won’t have to hire a separate service.

In booking your caterer you should always opt for a catering service that your planner recommends as they have the experience in organizing such events and also have contacts which could give you incentives and help you do some useful cost cutting and to also remain within the allocated budget.

Lastly, it is always essential that you engage in a decision making process together so that your vision will be instilled in the event as a whole and that the person you’re intending to honor, truly leaves the party feeling nothing but honored and appreciated.

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