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Buying VS Hiring For Your Exhibition

Buying VS Hiring For Your Exhibition

If you display at trade shows an important question that may come up is if you should buy or rent an exhibition stand. Here is another question, how frequently do you participate in exhibitions?  How you answer this can determine whether you want to buy or hire for your next exhibition.

If you display at trade shows every once in a while then renting an exhibition stand is your best bet. If you need a stand once a year or you want to display a certain type of design renting equipment makes the most sense. It is more affordable and convenient than buying and then looking for places to store the equipment. 

If you are a small business or a new business that is just getting started, you can consider renting equipment. You will definitely save by renting and the extra money that is available can be put back in to purchasing promotional material for your trade show. 

Renting also gives you the opportunity to experiment with different designs and styles. If you are showcasing your products and services at a few places, instead of sticking to the same style, an exhibition management service in Dubai can personalize your stand to suit your specific requirements. 

At the same time it can be more costly to purchase than it is to rent. If you purchase, remember, you need a place to store the equipment. The equipment should be regularly checked on to ensure it is in order and that nothing is misplaced, broken or lost. In addition, if you want to exhibit outside of the country you will have to haul the equipment around. This is stressful aside from the fact that you have to set it up once again at the new location and without too much help. If you rent equipment, the renting company will come and set-up the entire thing. 

Renting offers flexibility, as if you are not satisfied with the current stand you can choose something more innovative and fitting with modern times. If you purchase equipment you are stuck with the same design and it doesn’t allow you to experiment or adjust as much as the occasion would permit.  

Renting from an exhibition management service in Dubai would also give you the opportunity to use the newest exhibition equipment. They are the experts and would be up to date on the latest technology and designs.

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